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At a glance

In computer science for more than 4 decades, proud to be married to a gorgeous and wonderful woman, son of beloved good parents, father of several so precious and everyone's unique children, stress free grandad in control, occasional speaker at Beyond the walls Cofchrist Toronto, I started my career as a computer programmer (for example having developed the strategy game Morpion 4 / kind of a mega tic-tac-toe / for Commodore 128 and an asymmetric cryptography software for PCs / with private and public keys, what was truly innovative on that moment / featuring a mechanism — powered by the private key — of data compression) and hardware specialist (thus becoming the biggest seller of IPC computers for Western Switzerland) prior spending exciting years in WEB development, mainly from and in North America.

There I was involved in setting up dynamic WEB solutions and on-line services for a US-Canadian join venture where I acted as a senior fullstack developer and UX advisor, deploying internet-based travel aggregator platforms and distribution systems for complex travel planning built around the Galileo booking structure, to challenge conventions by also providing partners with unconventional — but always truly ethical — Internet visibility and social network strategies as an e-Marketing specialist (what included SEO / SEM plans and processes) and IT coordinator.

Passionate by OS migration, GNU / Linux Debian (Mint and Zorin OS which both rely on UBUNTU), Linux RPM (FEDORA), Mac OS X and WINDOWS operating systems are my daily playground. Entrepreneurial in nature, I have been working as an IT Recruiter for a pancanadian company. I also support a very active network of OpenSource-oriented enthusiasts.

Today I mainly act as a M365 trainer, business analyst and Change Management advisor. I am an OpenSource solutions and copyleft libraries fanatic. I contribute to Wikipedia as a free editor (most of the time on pages related to the IT) and I do love how vintage computing smells.


1982 to 2010


Passionate by computers since 1982 when I was a young student, I succeeded my first degree in COBOL-programming in 1989.


Between 1995 and 2008 I have been working very hard and successfully obtained several certifications in professional webmastering, Technology Industry knowledge, HTML and Javascript programming, web security (2003 and 2008), ISO-certified doc management, marketing, networking and more.


At several occasions I have been working for prestigious names (contributing to their success) of which 10 years within the travel Industry as a fullstack dév, IT expert and SEO / SEM specialist.


2010 to 2016


I have been involved as an IT coordinator for Gov. Agencies, implementing effective certified IT learning programs in computer support / Office suites / cloud-based solutions / WEB development / SEO - SEM technics.

2016 to today


IT supervisor for years, this last period of time, I was alternately a coach for future WEB developers and SEO / SEM specialists, staff instructor on AS/400 systems, business analyst, advisor in Change Management and Microsoft / M365 trainer with over 10K hours of teaching given.


Let this fantastic journey continue!


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