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At a glance

In computer science for more than 4 decades, proud to be married to breathtaking Chérie-O of cherie-o-secrets I started my career as a computer programmer and hardware specialist, prior having had exciting years in WEB development.

There I was involved in setting up dynamic WEB solutions and on-line services for a US-Canadian join venture where I acted as a senior developer and UX advisor, deploying internet-based travel aggregator platforms and distribution systems for complex travel planning built around the Galileo booking structure, to challenge conventions by also providing partners with unconventional — but always truly ethical — Internet visibility and social network strategies as an IT Marketing specialist and coordinator..

Full stack dev in the 2000s, passionate by OS migration, GNU / Linux Debian (Mint and Zorin OS which both rely on UBUNTU), Linux RPM (FEDORA), Mac OS X and WINDOWS operating systems are my daily playground. Entrepreneurial in nature, I have been working as an IT Recruiter for a pancanadian company. I also support a very active network of OpenSource-oriented enthusiasts.

Today I mainly act as a Change Management advisor, OpenSource cloud solutions fanatic, and M365 trainer.



1982 to 2010


Passionate by computers since 1982 when I was a young student, I succeeded my first degree in COBOL-programming in 1989.


Between 1995 and 2008 I have been working very hard and successfully obtained certifications in professional webmastering, Technology Industry knowledge, HTML and Javascript programming, web security (2003 and 2008), ISO-certified document management, marketing, networking and more. At several occasions I worked for prestigious names in computing and within the travel Industry as an IT expert and SEO / SEM specialist.


2010 to 2016


I have been involved as an IT coordinator for a Gov. Agency, implementing effective certified IT trainings for participants in programs for computer support / Office suites / cloud-based solutions / WEB development / SEO - SEM technics.

2016 to today


IT supervisor for years, this last period of time I was alternately a coach for future WEB developers and SEO / SEM specialists, staff instructor on AS/400 systems, advisor in Change Management, Microsoft / M365 trainer, which means over 10K hours as a teacher in the computer world. Let this fantastic journey continue!


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