At a glance

In computer science for 4 decades, proud to be married to breathtaking Chérie-O from cherie-o-secrets @secretscherie I started my career as a programmer in business computing, then hardware, prior a 20-year period in WEB development.


I have been working on amazing projects on GNU / Linux Debian (Mint and Zorin OS which both rely on UBUNTU), Linux RPM (FEDORA), Mac OS X and WINDOWS operating systems, to challenge conventions, providing partners with unconventional – but truly ethical – Internet visibility and social network solutions.


I have been involved in setting up dynamic WEB solutions and services for US, Canadian and European clients and I acted as a senior developer and UX specialist on internet-based travel aggregator platforms and distribution systems for complex travel planning built around the Galileo booking structure.



1982 to 2008


In computing since 1982 when I was a young student, I succeeded my first degree in COBOL-programming in 1989.


Between 1995 and 2008 I have been working very hard and successfully obtained certifications in professional webmastering, Technology Industry knowledge, HTML and Java programming, web security (2003 and 2008), ISO-certified document management, marketing, networking and more. At several occasions I worked for prestigious names in computing and within the travel Industry as an IT expert.




From 2010 to 2016 I acted for a government immigration Agency as a job coach in the IT and front-end development.


I am in position to efficiently deal with any SEO challenge, computer project (hardware and software) and WEB question at a management level, fully aware about the job of any Community Manager or Mediamatic and I may provide enterprises with counseling for how to successfully migrate a computer park from any OS to  GNU / Linux / Debian and its various declinations (e.g. Linux Mint, Zorin OS, UBUNTU and so on).

Today, this wonderful journey continues...